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The Scholarship Programme would not have been possible had it not been for the ongoing support of individuals and corporations over the past two decades. In particular the Trustees wish to thank the following people for their support right from inception:
  • The family of Dwane Martin, his parents Fred and Babe (now deceased) , his brother-in-law Rodney (now deceased) and sister Kit (now deceased)
  • Raymond and Wendy Ackerman
  • Mike Morris

The Trustees also wish to thank the following corporate sponsors:

  • CHEVRON SA (formerly CALTEX) for its sponsorship from 1986-2007. in particular it recognises the enormous contribution of Roy Wright (now retired)
  • Pick n Pay and the ACKERMAN FAMILY FOUNDATION for its sponsorship 2008 - present
  • CORPORATE IMAGE for its sponsorship
Ackerman Foundation

The Trustees would also like to thank Jenny M Design for graphic design work done on the Scholarship Programme.